XPS 4T 0W-40 Synthetic Oil Change Kit for Rotax 500cc or More V-Twin Engine

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For DIYers, the easy-to-use, all-in-one Can-Am 4T 0W-40 Synthetic Oil Change Kit is the best option for treating your vehicle’s engine. Get your hands dirty and your vehicle’s engine clean!

If you enjoy working on your ATV or SSV, we’ve got exactly what you need. When it’s time to change your vehicle’s oil, the 4T 0W-40 Synthetic Oil Change Kit for Rotax 500 cc or more V-Twin engine provides you with everything you need to do it yourself. The all-in-one kit includes XPS Synthetic Oil, an oil filter, o-rings and a washer. Tested and designed to improve the performances of your vehicle, our XPS oils last longer and protect your engine better than other oils. It’s easy to use and more rewarding.

Features Description
  • Ultra-convenient “all-in-one” oil change kit saves time and money.
  • Includes XPS Synthetic Oil, oil filter, o-rings and washer.
  • Full Synthetic (0W-40 500 CC or more v-twin engine)
Engine TypeEngine 4-Stroke
Oil gradeGrade 0W-40