XPS 4T 10W-50 Synthetic Oil Change Kit for Rotax 500cc or More V-Twin Engine

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For DIYers, the easy-to-use, all-in-one Can-Am 4-stroke Synthetic Oil Change Kit is the best option for treating your vehicle’s engine. Give your 3-wheeler the love it deserves!

If you’re passionate about working on your ATV or SSV, then we’ve got exactly what you need. The 4T 10W-50 Synthetic Oil Change Kit for Rotax 500 cc or more V-Twin engine provides you with everything you need to change the oil of your Can-Am Off-Road vehicle yourself. Easy to use, the all-in-one kit includes XPS Synthetic Oil, an oil filter, o-rings and a washer. Tested and designed to improve the performances of your vehicle, our XPS oils last longer and protect your engine better than other oils. Get your hands dirty!

Features Description
  • Ultra-convenient “all-in-one” oil change kit saves time and money.
  • Includes XPS Synthetic Oil, oil filter, o-rings and washer.
  • Full Synthetic (10W-50 500 CC or more v-twin engine)
Engine TypeEngine 4-Stroke
Oil gradeGrade 10W-50