Cash Back for Testing Parts

Thrash for Cash

  1. Purchase New Parts at Introductory Pricing
  2. Document your Installation & Post a Review
  3. Get Cash Back for your Feedback

Test the Best

The S3 Power Sports Beta Program is designed to ensure our parts receive the most thorough testing possible. With the help of the S3 Nation, we are able check the fitment of our parts on the variety of off-road vehicle Make, Model, and Edition combinations available all across the country, with the added bonus of getting to see them in action in terrains we don't always have easy access to here in Louisiana.

Get Paid to Play

The benefit to you is even better! You were going to install these parts on your vehicle anyway, just whip out your cell phone and record a video while you do it! Help us out with some feedback, spread the word, and get paid for the effort.

Read the Terms & Conditions. When you're ready, click "Sign Up" or "Submit" below to get started! If you have any questions, or require assistance, Contact Us

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Go ahead and sign up! Let us know a little bit about you, including what vehicles you own, and we'll keep you up-to-date about new parts and other offers. If you have a vehicle we're working on, we may reach out to you for feedback or testing parts!

Ready to Get Paid?

If you've completed all the steps in the Terms & Conditions and are ready to contact us, click the button, fill out the form, and hit SUBMIT! We will review your submission and get you taken care of as soon as possible!

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions include and are in continuation of our standard S3 Power Sports Terms & Conditions


To be considered for the Beta Testing Program, Customers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Access to Relevant Vehicle. You must own or have explicit permission to modify the vehicle for which you are testing parts. Vehicle modifications are done at your own risk, and we do not accept any responsibility for damages caused by vehicle modifications. For more info, please refer to our Lifetime Structural Warranty
  2. Purchase Parts at Current Retail Value. Rebates will be provided for your participation, providing all Requirements / Expectations are met. Introductory pricing may be available. Promotionally discounted purchases are excluded (more details below, under "Rebates / Rewards").
  3. Have an active Social Media presence including Facebook & Instagram. Public posts are specifically required to meet the Expectations of the program.
  4. Provide Cell Phone Number and Email Address. You will receive Emails, Phone Calls, and/or Text communications from S3 Power Sports regarding the program and replies will be expected via these same methods.

Requirements / Expectations

Beta Testers must complete all the following steps in order to qualify for any Rebates and/or other Rewards:

  1. Create a 30 - 60 second Video covering your thoughts about the Product & Installation, a Walkaround of your vehicle, and optionally showing off the part and your vehicle in action.
  2. Take clear well-framed Photo(s) of the completed install. Take pride in your vehicle and have it as camera-ready as possible.
  3. Write a very brief review of the Product (1 paragraph) including your opinion of the product's construction, the installation process, and the benefit to your vehicle.
  4. Post your Review, including your Video and Photos to a minimum of 3 Facebook Groups with at least 5000+ Followers. We also encourage you to leave a review on Google, on our Facebook page, and for the individual parts on our website.
  5. Tag us @s3powersports and use our Signature Hashtags:
    • #s3powersports
    • #s3nation
    • #noliftshift
    • #watchorbewatched
    • #fearnohole
    • #s3built
  6. Send us confirmation of all Requirements / Expectations via the Beta Program Submission Form

Rebates / Rewards

Rebates / Rewards will be provided upon completion of the steps above and the following conditions:

  1. Rebate Values will vary depending on the Parts being tested. Rebate values will not exceed 20% of the parts total regular retail value. Sales or other discounts will be deducted from the total rebate and the remaining balance will be provided (for example, if a part is on sale for 10% Off, the maximum rebate for the Beta Program would then be 10%). Other Rewards may be offered, such as Promotional Items or Apparel.
  2. Rebates are NOT Guaranteed. S3 Power Sports will review all posts, photos, and videos to ensure that all criteria, including quality, are met and reviews are confirmed to be fair and accurate. Rebates will only be issued, or denied, at that point.
  3. Negative Reviews or Comments will not immediately be excluded, but reviewed for fairness. If deemed inaccurate and requested, these posts MUST be removed. If you encounter an issue at any point in the process, please contact us so that we may assist.
  4. Returns will void the Rebate / Reward value. If you are provided a Rebate, but decide to return the parts for any reason, the value of the rebate will be deducted from your return value. For example, if you purchase an item for $100, complete the necessary requirements for a rebate, and are provided a maximum rebate of 20% ($20), but then decide to return those items, your total return value will be $80. S3 Power Sports standard Return Policy, including applicable fees, would apply. For details, please review our Return Policy
All Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. UPDATED 01/19/24