Evolution Powersports Maptuner ECU Power Package 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 154 HP

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EVP tunes will transform your riding experience! Podium proven time and time again, we relentlessly test and push limits to ensure our riders get the horsepower gains, power at the wheel and performance they need! With our Maptuner Power Package, you no longer have to send in your ECU to get flashed! Maptuner allows you to flash your ECU through the vehicles diagnostic port. A large color, app driven, touchscreen makes tuning a snap. Also featuring datalogging, monitoring, and code read/reset function, it allows you to accurately view or record your engines vitals. With an available Plug-n-Play AFR module, you can monitor and log air fuel ratios in real time! You can also return your vehicle back to stock at any time. Charts below outline performance expectations, included components, and equipment requirements required where applicable. All options include a MapTuner Tuning Device and diagnostic cable. Maptuner is a Windows based application.

Stock Injector Power Flash Package

Includes: Power Flash Device, Diagnostic Port Cable & all Stage Tunes in table below

ECU Power
Flash Stages
HP Boost (LBS) Wastegate Crack Pressure (lbs) Fuel (Octane) Recommended Exhaust

Stock or Aftermarket

Stage 1
Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 2 177 15 5
Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 3 180
15.5 5 93
Stock or Aftermarket
We Proudly Engineer the Most Powerful, Refined and Safest Tunes on the Market For all Stage 4 Tunes and higher (22+ lbs of boost) we highly recommend our Plenum Reinforcement Brace or Torrent-F Intake Plenum! Tune Features: Revised Intercooler Fan Settings - Makes the OEM Intercooler Far More Effective Left Foot Braking Enabled for 2-Foot Operation Improved Boost Response / Low-to-Mid Range Power Improvements Speed Limits Raised / TQ Limits Removed in Low & High Gear Low & High Gear Rev Limit Increased from 8300 to 9000 RPMS V-Max Raised Improved Throttle Response in all Modes (E-Gas Settings Improved) - Linear Throttle Rather than the Factory Programmed Lazy Pedal Fans Set to Activate at 165 Degrees Race Start - No Need to Press the Brake to Start Vehicle Fueling is Corrected for the Various Stages so No Fuel Controllers are Needed We don't throw around terms like industry leading without the winning proof. We own a constantly evolving fleet of cars which allows us to do parallel development on stock turbo consumer tunes and race-prepped vehicles to develop only the best engineered and designed products and software. Our in-house race team, EVP Racing, not only competes with our own shop-built cars (ever heard of the Desert Storm & Hustler?) which consistently bring home wins, but the team also works as Race Support to many top racers in the industry such Marc Burnett, Dustin Jones, Kyle Chaney, Tim Farr, Lonestar, Matt Burroughs, Elliot Burns, Casey Scherer and others. 6 out of the top 10 drivers in the Lucas Oil Midwest series used EVP tunes & products to help get them to the podium. EVP programming and products are also used by top drivers in GNCC, BITD and SCORE race series with countless podiums. We Raise Winners! To unlock even more power in your 2017 machine, we offer ECU Power Flash Kits that include the OEM 2018 Fuel Pump which allows higher performance gains out of your 2017 Model.