XPS Synthetic Grease Suspension

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When riding on winter terrain, make sure your vehicle’s suspension is properly greased by using our high-performance Synthetic Grease for Suspension.

We all know how important it is to keep your machinery well greased. Imagine when it comes to a vehicle’s suspension! Our Synthetic Grease for XPS Suspension is designed specifically for on-road and off-road vehicles. It is a highly stable grease that performs extremely well in cold and high temperatures. It offers optimal lubrication and protects the parts from dirt, moisture and corrosion.

Features Description
  • Designed to work specifically with the components found in Can-Am vehicle suspensions.
  • It is highly stable and offers optimal lubrication at both extreme cold and high temperatures while protecting suspension components from dirt and moisture, as well as corrosion under extreme washout conditions.
  • 14 oz. / 400 g