XPS Fuel Stabilizer

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Get rid of throttle hesitations and hard starting with our XPS ethanol-compatible fuel stabilizer, which is sure to keep moisture outside your fuel system.

A lot of gas companies add ethanol to their fuel nowadays. The downside is that ethanol attracts moisture, and moisture can cause severe damage to your engine and fuel system.Thankfully, small steps can make a big difference. Using our fuel stabilizer will prevent your fuel from attracting humidity, while protecting every fuel system component, thanks to all the top-quality anti-corrosion additives found in it.Give your fuel system what it deserves, choose XPS!

Features Description
  • Ethanol-compatible and will stabilize fuel in your tank to keep it from breaking down and causing hard starting, throttle hesitation and poor run quality.
  • Ethanol attracts moisture, and this product contains powerful anti-corrosion additives to protect fuel system components.
  • Prevents problems associated with E10 fuels.