Evolution Powersports ECU Power Flash 2015-2016 Polaris ACE 900

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Purchasing this EVP ECU Power Flash (Tune) requires you remove your vehicle's ECU and ship it. Evolution Powersports Polaris ACE 900 programming will completely transform your machine into an absolute animal! We take your 60 horsepower engine and push it to over 75 with just programming!! The ACE engine is factory programmed to have the throttle limited - like many other Polaris vehicles. Evolution Powersports gives you 100% throttle as well as many other features. Custom calibrations are available for those with aftermarket intakes and/or exhausts. OEM Speed Limiter H 67 MPH OEM Speed Limiter L 45 MPH OEM High Rev Limit: 8300 RPMS OEM Low or reverse Rev Limit: 7250 RPMS EVO Flash: Speed Limiter H 95 MPH Speed Limiter L 55 MPH High Rev Limit: 9200 RPMS OEM Low or reverse Rev Limit: 9200 RPMS Fans on 20 degrees sooner TQ limits eliminated Fueling adjusted Fueling adjusted for higher rev limit / additional timing Ignition advance recalibrated. Evolution Powersports Polaris Ranger Dyno Run