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Summary of Coverage

S3 Power Sports' warranty is a reflection of our confidence in the parts we manufacture. We thoroughly test all our parts to ensure our customers receive the strongest and best engineered product we can provide. All of our parts carry a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY and we guarantee them against manufacturing defects. Warranty is valid through the original purchaser only. Warranty does not cover improper installation and/or willful destruction. Modification and some aftermarket parts may void factory warranty. Warranty does not cover fabrication parts used in conjunction with portals / gear lifts or any other sort of altered suspension parts.


S3 Power Sports stands behind all the products we fabricate and we guarantee them against manufacturing defects. However, we are not responsible nor do we accept liability for breakage or failure of parts as a result of the following conditions:

  • Improper Installation & Willful Destruction

    Warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper installation and/or willful destruction of S3 Power Sports parts. Please follow all installation instructions carefully and operate all parts within their design parameters. Intentional damage to S3 Power Sports parts will immediately void your warranty.

  • Modification & After Market Parts

    Vehicle modifications are done at your own risk, and we do not accept any responsibility for damages caused by vehicle modifications. Modification and some aftermarket parts, such as portals / gear lifts, may void factory warranty. S3 Power Sports is not liable for damages to user or equipment as a result of vehicle modifications. Modifications to vehicles may create dangerous situations and are done at the risk of the user. The user hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with any such modifications to parts made or sold by S3 Power Sports.

  • Competition / Racing

    Despite being engineered for extreme strength and durability, S3 Power Sports parts are not designed for the prolonged and excessive abuse of competition / racing. Warranty will be voided on any parts used for competition.

  • Abnormal Use

    All Fabrication Parts: We work hard to design S3 Power Sports parts to be the most reliable parts in the worst conditions. However, operating S3 parts outside of their design parameters may void their structural warranty and result in damage to the vehicle or injure passengers. S3 Power Sports retains the right to deny a warranty based on improper use of our products.

    Lift Kits: Our lifts are engineered for abuse in deep mud and water! They are not built for runs at high speed, long distance runs, jumping, or hard cornering. High speeds may also void the warranty of your CVs. Please research proper driving styles with big lifts before purchasing.

Other Exclusions

S3 Power Sports parts may include components excluded from our Lifetime Structural Warranty:

  • Wearable Items

    Items expected to degrade per their function and replaced as part of regular maintenance. Examples: bearings, ball joints, bushings, etc.

  • Non-Fabrication Components

    Axles: S3 Power Sports lift kits may include, or optionally be upgraded to include, Titan Axles, RCV Axles, or Gorilla Axles. Please refer to these items individual Manufacturer Warranties for coverage. Additional Information


Summary of Coverage

S3 Power Sports' TITAN AXLES are warrantied to the original purchaser with provided proof of purchase. We offer a 1 year $50 replacement warranty on all breakage excluding boot or band clamp failure beginning the day of the purchase. All warranty axles must be sent in for proper review by S3 Power Sports to confirm the failure has not occurred for reasons including but not limited to the following: improper installation, neglected maintenance, abnormal abuse, or over extension. Warranties are made at the discretion of S3 Power Sports. Warranty does not cover "clicking" or "popping" axles, cosmetic defects, or any other items that do not directly affect the proper operation of the axle. All terms and conditions are subject to change as seen fit by S3 Power Sports.

Other Axles

Summary of Coverage

S3 Power Sports lift kits may include, or optionally be upgraded to include, RCV Axles or Gorilla Axles. These items are excluded from S3 Power Sports Lifetime Structural Warranty and are instead subject to their individual Manufacturer Warranties:

  • RCV Axles

    • Extended Length Axles: Lifetime Rebuild Program - Cost of rebuild will vary depending on extent of failure
    • Stock Length Axles: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Gorilla Axles

    • Extended Length Axles: 1 Year Limited Warranty; excludes replacement Boots
    • Stock Length Axles: 2 Year Limited Warranty; excludes replacement Boots

For complete covered specifications, Contact Us

Additional Information

S3 Power Sports parts and parts sold by S3 Power Sports are for off road use only.

"Take off parts" or parts that are replaced in our shop will be disposed of, according to local and state laws, after 15 days of final invoice. It is the responsibility of the customer to pick them up or arrange a shipping method.

Warranties are made at the discretion of S3 Power Sports. S3 Power Sports retains the right to change warranty terms and conditions at any time.

Warranty Procedure

Please Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Customer must contact S3 Power Sports for an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number will be the same as your original invoice number.
  2. The RMA number must be clearly written on the outside of the package.
  3. Customer contact information and shipping information must be provided in the box.
  4. Return the axle to:

    • S3 Power Sports WARRANTY
    • 1918 Barton Dr
    • Shreveport LA, 71107
  5. Customer pays for return shipping.
  6. Upon receipt of the package, S3 Power Sports will inspect the item to confirm it meets all requirements for warranty and immediately contact you for any additional information or the $50 replacement fee (for TITAN AXLES only).
  7. S3 Power Sports will immediately pay to have a warranty part returned to the customer (48 contiguous United States of America only; customers in all other locations will be charged for return shipping).

If you need any further information, Contact Us

UPDATED 05/08/18