UTV Racing's high demands stress each component of your vehicle. Without a doubt, the transmission belt is an essential stress point, that if it fails, can easily knock a driver out of the race. AiM's Infrared Belt Temperature System is a simple and reliable way for monitoring transmission belt temperature. The kit includes an indicator gauge and an infrared sensor.

Belt Temp Gauge Features

  • Easy to read display: White at normal temperature, Yellow when the maximum is reached, Blinking Red at critical.
  • Reliable, easy to install, high visibility, designed for working in a hard environment.
  • The temperature is constantly shown and recorded every ten seconds.
  • Stores & recalls up to 5 hours of data.
  • 2 different warning levels.


  • 1 measurement point
  • Field of View 12deg
  • Temperature range -60/550degF
  • Real-time Temperature Tracking
  • Average Temperature Tracking
  • Tracks average temperatures over the last 15', 30' or 90' of run-time


  • RGB LED Alert: the LED starts blinking red when temperature exceeds the user defined level
  • Anti-Glare TFT Display
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Vibration proof
  • IP65 Water-Resistant