GMZ Race Products Ivan Stewart Tires

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$219 - $264

GMZ Race Products Tires are available to fit most popular wheel sizes for SxS, ATVs & UTVs. GMZ Race Products Ivan Stewart Tires are designed to handle the rigors of off-road racing while maximizing speed & handling.

  • (30x9.4Bx15) Lug Freeing Sipes (LFS) parallel grooved allows individual lug segment movement over uneven terrain for a more planted feel.
  • (30x9.4Bx15) Upper sidewall Progressive Traction Blocks (PTB) designed for forward bite in deep two-track and silt
  • (30x9.4Bx15) Proprietary tread pattern developed for maximum traction and predictable lateral stability
  • (30x9.4Bx15) Medium single durometer compound formulated for high-performance machines
  • (30x9.4Bx15) Flat contact patch delivers more forward grip and even tread wear. Extra tough 8 ply bias construction provide long lasting durability and prevents punctures.
  • Part Number(s):
    • IS309515AT
    • IS329515AT
    • IS329514AT